A Better Life

Join guest, Dr. Jeffrey Singletary as he shares a Biblical perspective on ‘A Better Life’.

Christmas at South Bay, 2017

Join us as we travel through the Christmas season with this three week track: Christmas Jam 2017, Socks & Underwear, and finally our Christmas Eve. Service.

Feed The Dog

Guest Josh Balogh shares a special message on reaping what you sow, and how you too can harvest the fruit of the spirit by practicing five simple spiritual disciplines.

Divine Design

We are not our labels. We are not who others say we are. And we aren’t the broken self-image we see in the mirror. So how can we get to our true identity? By laying down who we think we are to become who God says we are.

A Better Prayer Life

Guest Dr. Jeffery Singletary shares on how we all can access a better prayer life today.

10 Myths About End Times

10 Myths About End Times | Life as we know it won’t last forever. So what happens when this world ceases to exist? And does it matter in the here and now? Let’s look to the Bible for answers as we explore with Pastor David.

Send Me

Join guest, Pastor Kevin Riggs, as he connects Biblical truth to his own personal story in this encouraging message.