What is the next step in your spiritual walk?


 The Bible may not answer every question about God – and could even lead us to ask more – but one of the areas the Bible is quite definite is the answer to the question: who is Jesus?

Growth Track

Our Growth Track will help you grow in your faith, learn about the values of the church, and make friends with others who are new to our environment.

Get in the Word

We want you to be devoted to Jesus Christ. Being devoted to Jesus is a life-long journey and we are committed to helping you along the way. Devotion to Jesus comes through devotion to the Bible, which is His Word written to you personally

Join a Care Group

Through Care Groups, genuine friendships form as we experience life together. Through these intimate connections with fellow believers, we can grow in our spiritual walk.


South Bay Church practices water baptism after a person has made a personal decision to follow Christ. Water baptism, also known as Believer’s Baptism, is an outward sign of an inward change. Baptism by water immersion is a great way to publicly profess your own personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Join a Serve Team

We all have unique gifts and abilities that God has given us. When we contribute these talents to the church, we glorify God and build up the body of Christ.  


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