Dear South Bay Family,

The Apostle Paul penned these words on the facing page to the church at Philippi. Paul was constantly moving forward in his faith. He was inviting the church to go on with him into what was next. You can hear the passion in his words as he calls them to move forward into what is next. We run the danger of plateauing in our walk with God if we do not press on by faith. We, as a church, must forever be walking in faith with one another to see God’s kingdom growing in our midst.

I thank the Lord for the Governing Elders of South Bay Church. I have grown to love these men and we share a great deal of trust. These men who understand their role and take that role very seriously, have spoken to me and said, “It is time for South Bay Church to expand.” We have prayed and believe that the Lord is encouraging us to walk by faith and meet the growing needs of our future leaders of South Bay Church…our children.

With that, we have done our due diligence and believe that together with you we will see the expansion of our facility to meet the ever-increasing blessings that the Lord is bringing to us, that being, new families. Our children need this and we are ready to seize the moment of action at the Lord’s direction.

Let’s join hands and hearts to work together by stepping confidently into what is NEXT. Surely the Lord will act on our behalf as we seek and trust Him for our future. Great sacrifice will be required; but know this, the facility we use was a gift from the South Bay congregation over 10 years ago. They sacrificed a great deal for us. It’s now our turn to rise to the occasion and leave a legacy for folks down the road.

Pastor David Speicher

Senior Pastor

South Bay Kids Need More Room

Our NEXTgen (Children’s Space) is maxed out on weekends and has become quite dated for today’s generation. We will be expanding our children’s area by reconfiguring our current space and utilizing new space that will be gained by moving our current offices to a new location. This will allow us more space in a better-configured ministry location including new designs, colors, and exciting spaces designed for today’s children. To facilitate the new, expanded children’s ministry location, we will build new office space behind our current facility.

Our Lobby Lacks Community Space

We are expanding our lobby so that flow into the children’s area is appropriate, less congested, and better designed for checking in our children. The new space will also provide a larger and better-designed area for fellowship and meeting friends before and after our worship services, as well as meeting space for weekly activities. 

Building Plans (Coming Soon)

Possible Artistic Renderings

Digital Resources

NEXT Guide Book

Download the Guide Book, an amazing resource that outlines everything about NEXT.

Small Group Guide

Download the digital Small Group Book that pairs with our six-week groups.

Family Devotional

Download the family devotional, a 28-day devotional during NEXT.

Creative Ways To Give

This creative card has many ways to help you give your best gift yet.

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