Spiritual Formation

A pathway for apprenticeship to Jesus

How To Get Started

The Practicing The Way Course

The Practicing the Way Course is the ideal starting place for all of our resources. It is designed to help get you started on the journey of spiritual formation, help you get unstuck if you’ve stalled out, or just guide you into taking your next step. Ultimately, its goal is to train you to live as an apprentice of Jesus: to be with Jesus, become like him, and do as he did.

The Practices

What if we are missing out on one of Jesus’ most essential practices?

Fasting is going without food for a set amount of time to awaken our body and soul to our deep hunger and need for God. It’s one of the most powerful — and neglected — of all of Jesus’ practices.

An ancient way to find rest for your soul.

The Sabbath is a 24-hour time period set aside to stop, rest, delight, and worship. It is the best day of the week. In our era of chronic exhaustion, emotional unhealth, and spiritual stagnation, few things are more necessary than the recovery of this ancient practice.

Pursue a deeper life of union with God.

Prayer is simply the medium through which we communicate and commune with God. The practice of prayer is learning to set aside dedicated time to intentionally be with God, in order to become like him and partner with him in the world.

Distraction is one of the greatest threats to spiritual health in the modern world.

We all feel it — we’re bombarded by noise like never before. Jesus has an invitation for us: Step away from it all to be alone with him, for the sake of our souls and the sake of others.

Coming Soon:

  • Generosity (Aug 2024)
  • Scripture (Jan 2025)
  • Community (Apr 2025)
  • Service (Aug 2025)
  • Witness (Jan 2026)


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